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On the counter marked for the passenger to check in the for a certain airline company flight, the passenger turns over the luggage for registration. During the registration, the passenger gets the luggage certificate in form of a sticker. Allowed weight of the luggage varies in dependence on the airline company and the transportation class.

Regular luggage weights allowed:

–       30 kg for the business class transportation

–       20 kg for the economic class transportation

–       10 kg is the allowed weight for children of age 0 to 2 luggage

For accurate data on checked in luggage limitation, it is for the best that the passenger is informed as he/she buys the airline ticket or at the arrival at the airport, at the representative of the airline company for whose flight he/she has bought the ticket. The luggage surplus is charged extra, depending on the airline company. We advise you to look for the information regarding the ways of transporting the non-standard size luggage at the office of your chosen airline company while buying a flight ticket. In the luggage it is not allowed to carry items which are considered to be dangerous.


For safety reasons or in the case of the loss of the luggage it is useful for your luggage to be marked at the outer side with a sticker containing your personal and contact data (name, surname, contact phone number and address).


We advise you to safely pack your luggage. Pack all items containing liquids in separate special plastic bags in order to keep liquid from pouring out in the case of breaking. More information regarding the fragile item transport you can get at the office of your chosen airline company during the buying of a flight ticket.


–       Your luggage, locked and marked with a sticker or a tag containing your name and address, should never be left out of sight until you check it in at the check-in counter for passengers

–       We advise you to carry your hand luggage, which you carry with yourself in the traveling cabin, and to keep it under your constant surveillance

–       We advise you not to take over and check in someone else’s luggage as yours, because of the situations that might danger your safety and expose you to the legal responsibility

Information regarding the allowed/unallowed items in your hand luggage and checked in luggage please read here: BAGGAGE SECURITY.


1) Guns, Firearms and Weapons

• Weapons;

• Parts of Guns and Firearms;

• Toy / Replica Weapons;

• Spear Guns;

• Stun Guns / Shocking Devices;

• Pellet Guns;

• Starter Pistols;

• Bowes and Arrows;

2) Pointed/Edged Weapons and Sharp Objects

• Tools;

• Brass Knuckles;

• Drills (Including Battery Drills);

• Hammers;

• Knitting and Crochet Needles;

• Wrenches and Pliers;

• Swords;

• Throwing Stars;

• Scissors;

• Meat Cleavers;

• Martial Arts Knives;

• Knives (of All Sizes);

• Knifes, round-bladed butter or plastic;

• Safety Razors;

• Screwdrivers;

• Martial Arts Weapons;

• Cattle Prods;

• Saws (Including Battery Saws);

• Tweezers e;

• Sabers;

• Cuticle Cutters;

• Cigar Cutter;

• Hatchets and Axes;

• Box Cutters;

• Ice Axes/Ice Picks;

3) Blunt Instruments

• Night Sticks;

• Baseball Bats, Pool Cues, Hockey Sticks, Lacrosse Sticks, Cricket Bats and Ski Poles;

• Billy Clubs;

• Golf Clubs;

• Kubatons;

• Nunchakus; 4) Explosives and Flammable Substances

• Spirits (Exceeding 70% by Volume);

List of Items Prohibited in Hand nor Hold Luggage

1) Guns, Firearms and Weapons

• Flare Guns;

• Flares in any form;

2) Explosives and Flammable Substances

• Explosives including Detonators, Fuses, Grenades, Mines, Explosives (Dinamite, Gun Powder, Plastic Explosives, Plastic Explosives);

• Ammunition;

• Hand Granades;

• Strike-anywhere Matches;

• Blasting caps;

• Gases: Propane, Butane;

• Flammable Liquids including Gasoline, Methanol;

• Flammable Solids and Reactive Substances;

3) Chemical and Toxic Substances

• Liquid Bleach;

• Toxic and Infective Substances;

• Chemical and Toxic Substances

• Spillable Batteries;

• Compressed Gas Cylinders including Fire Distinguishers;

• Gas Torch;

• Fuels;

• Chlorine for pools and spas;

• Soda cartridges, device for underwater welding;

• Car Battery;

• Tear Gas;

• Spray Paint;

• Aerosol (Except Limited Quantity for Personal Use);

Allowed (Useful Tips) Hand Luggage

• Strong drinks carried by passengers or crews as checked baggage. Allowed quantity is up to 5 liters per passenger with 24 – 70% of alcohol content;

• Lighter – one per passenger, safety matches;

• Diving equipment – cylinder with oxygen and underwater torch are allowed only in hand baggage, under condition to remove all thermal and energy contents. Hold Luggage

• Dry ice – as food and drink keep, against approval from the carrier, may be accepted as checked baggage. Allowed weight is up to 2 kg per passenger;

• Wheelchair with battery drive-against carrier’s approval and under special conditions regarding Dangerous Goods air transport depending on battery type.

NOTE: List of items prohibited to carry on in hand or hold luggage is a subject to change. We kindly advise passengers always to contact designated airline.