In Saturday 26 May 2018 was held Futsal Tournament in the organization of Banja Luka Airport and with the cooperation of the airport from the region:

  • Nikola Tesla Airport, Belgrade,
  • Konstantin Veliki Airport, Niš,
  • Tuzla Airport,
  • Sarajevo Airport,
  • Osijek Airport.

Around 50 colleagues from the mentioned airports are within the tournament spent two days in the sports/business gathering and the football competition.

The draw attended Mr Duško Kovačević, Acting Managing Direktor of the Banja Luka Airport, Mr Vladica Đurđanović, Managing Director of the Konstantin Veliki Airport Niš and Mr Davor Forgić, Managing Director of Osijek Airport. Likewise, three directors have held successful meetings with the purpose of improvement of cooperation. As expected, the first place went to the team of Nikola Tesla Airport which are also the initiators of already now traditional gatherings of the airport in these sports events.

This business-sports manifestation has a great significance for connecting with the airports in the region, the exchange of work experiences, team building as well as the start of the new cooperation in the technical and marketing sense.